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Durango reaches higher plateau words by: Mike Torch
With claimed best-in-class power, towing ability, and fuel economy, and neat mechanical touches like an 8-speed automatic transmission that comes onboard every model, the newest Durango seems a lot of truck for the money.

Lexus creates cool crossover Words by: Mike Torch
The ability, avant-garde design, and impeccable engineering of the 2015 Lexus NX crossover oozes perfection, as the luxury automaker takes aim at this fast-growing market segment and scores a direct hit.

New Highlander not for Muppets words by Mike Torch
Looking past its silly ad campaign featuring Muppets, the third generation Toyota Highlander gets serious with class-leading design, dynamics and safety.

Tundra's mission endures words & pictures by Mike Torch
Toyota may own fourteen percent of annual U.S. auto sales, and clearly has the all-time best selling single model in the Corolla, but poaching the American truck market was never going to be an easy task.

Corolla continues to move millions words & pictures by Mike Torch
Toyota says it has now sold more than 40 million Corollas worldwide, and claims their little ride holds the title of all-time, best-selling single model the auto industry has ever known.

New BMW cars shine at PGA tourney words & pictures by Mike Torch
Lake Forest, IL- A BMW-sponsored PGA tournament proved to be a brilliant showcase for the German luxury car maker to introduce three new models to the general-- albeit well-heeled --public, just north of Chicago.

C-MAX hybrid: tech toy got 41.2 mpg hwy

Words and pictures by Mike Torch & K. Honeyager
Equipped with enough tech to rule 9 out of 10 third world countries of your choice, Ford's C-MAX hybrid, in our case, served as frugal, safe transport for our resident geek to visit her friends at an annual geek-get-together.

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