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Charger R/T Plus AWD: Sky is burning words and pictures by Mike Torch
Dodge's Charger R/T Plus AWD is what we guess to be about as close to a NASCAR racer for the road as it gets. After a week of completely dismissing all challengers, it really did seem as though the sky was burning.

Ferrari Club of America celebrates 50th

Words by Mike Torch, Pictures by K. Honeyager
Ferrari Club of America recently held its 50th anniversary at Road America, and we were there to capture the one-off event for members and their handmade, mostly-red, Italian sports cars on a perfect summer weekend.

2014 Ford Taurus SEL AWD

Words by: Mike Torch- Photos by: J. Ulric Erlandsson
The AWD Taurus represents a considerable problem for the Europeans. A short time ago Ford bought some of their car makers, studied their makings, and are now selling world-class Euro sedans at a marked savings.

Lexus IS intelligent words and photos by Mike Torch
Taking aim at first-time luxury car buyers, by all appearances Lexus and the new IS line-up have done a splendid job of producing a smart, sporting sedan featuring a full arsenal of technolgy.

Chevy's Spark is adept, affordable mini words and pictures by Mike Torch
Chevy’s Spark is a far cry from GM’s previous attempts at building an internationally acceptable mini, with solid build quality and overall driving dynamics to rival the tried and true market entrants from Europe and Asia.

Wicked Mitsubishi Evolution MR words and pictures by Mike Torch
The Evolution MR is making shortlists across the land for its performance and practicality, but the real gem here is the twin clutch, six-speed auto-box that pushes (and pulls) the little performer close to super car territory.

FJ Cruiser is solid, contender words and pictures by Mike Torch
Toyota's Tonka-like truck is a capable off-roader, but it isn't for everyone. We spent a disappointedly snowless late December week with the likeable 4x4 in Motown, and believe its assets far outweigh its drawbacks.

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