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All New Avalon huge leap forward words and pictures by Mike Torch
Cognate to the previous model by lineage alone, the all new 2013 Toyota Avalon carries the family name to higher ground with thoughtful engineering and design, and comes replete with Michigan DNA.

Crazy Caddy CTS-V words and pictures by Mike Torch
The CTS-V can't walk on water, but it can do just about everything else. We'd choose the new CTS-V over any like Audi, BMW or Benz and we'd never look back.

Mad Lexus now certifiable: New LS words and pictures by Mike Torch
With more technology onboard than Space X, we wonder if Lexus has lost its mind or is now the most brilliant luxury car maker the automotive industry has ever produced.

Volvo C70: Swedish drop-top Words & Pictures by Mike Torch
No, the above title does not remind you of a soft-porn flick you saw back in the eighties. And no, a rag-top is not a vile reference to a female Swedish porn star. Innocently, we're talking covertible cars here.

ES 350: The new Lexustyle Words by: Mike Torch
Lexus is a luxury brand that from day one has been the envy of all. But the cars that could seemingly do no wrong never really had their own, definitive and individual style. That is, not until the new ES 350 Lexus came along.

Subaru's Impreza Words by: Milke Torch
The Subaru Impreza has been around since 1992, and arguably was the first, real, mass-produced AWD car. It set off an abundance of copy cats, which is ironic when you consider where the Japanese firm got its game plan.

Toyota Yaris SE Words by: Milke Torch
Toyota’s Yaris SE is a very neat mini, both in design and ability. With a base price of just $17,200, 35 miles per gallon on the highway, and an aggressively penned body shell, the car is clearly aimed at a younger audience.

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