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Lexus GS Press Preview Words by: Mike Torch
Lexus has taken the wraps off the new GS. They flew us to Vegas for a preview, put us up at the ultra-posh Mandarin Oriental, and let us drive the cars at the Las Vegas Speedway. Yes- we could get used to this.

Mazda Speed3 Words by: Mike Torch
Mazda's Speed3 is an entertaining hot hatch that stands out in a crowd. We spent a week with the little car in Southern California- where it was designed, commuting to and fro Silicon Valley and we have a verdict.

Volvo Flagship: S60 T6 R-Design Words by: Mike Torch
When one thinks of Volvo, things like safety, academia, and men with strange beards come to mind. Imagine our bewilderment when this lipstick red, 325 bhp, twin-scroll turbo, all-wheel-drive sedan showed up at our office.

Mazda2: Less is more
Mazda2 may be tiny, but it packs a lot of practical fun into its clean little package. With 35 mpg on the highway and room for 4, this car is a genuine gift that will keep on giving.

Dodge 3500 Laramie Crew Cab 4x4 Words by: Mike Torch
Each year here in the States, a pick-up truck walks away with the coveted title of ‘most sold vehicle of the year’. At $60k the Dodge Ram Laramie doesn’t stand a chance at victory, but it could be the most desirable truck out there.

Volkswagen Passat Road Trip Words by: Mike Torch
The day began innocuous enough. There was nothing but full sunshine and very little, if any, wind. The perfect day to road test the shiny silver metallic 2012 Passat that showed up at our office the previous afternoon.

Ford's Focus Titanium Words by: Mike Torch
Ford's Focus is an important car for its maker. Much is riding on its success. Success measured not just by how many units they can unload, but also by something US automakers didn't have a year ago- profits.

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