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Latest news
Latest news

Automotive Grade Linux sets ambitions words and photo by Mike Torch
AGL is making friends among the auto sector amid it's move to push the Freeware platform by adding a virtualization solution via a hypervisor in order to move beyond infotainment.

2016 New car sales near record
December sales boomed for U.S. automakers leading experts to believe the auto industry may set an all-time full-year record for vehicle sales.

Mini concept unveiled by BMW
Mini's new concept, when summoned, will pick up you up autonomously, change colour to driver preference, recharge without plugging in a cord, and you probably won't own it.

Nissan now controls Mitsubishi Motors photo by E. Brown
After investing $2.2 billion to take a 34 percent ownership, Nissan is now Mitsubishi Motor's top stake-holder and in control of the Japanese carmaker's future.

Subaru says don't drive these cars
Subaru has recalled more than 48,500 vehicles over a steering column issue and in a rare directive warns owners not to drive the vehicles whatsoever.

Worker dispute stalls a Tesla factory
About 100 workers at Tesla Motor's under construction battery factory near Reno, Nevada, stopped working Monday to protest use of laborers from other states, a union official said.

VW sales besiege Toyota's in January
In 2016's first month, the German automaker Volkswagen delivered 847,000 vehicles worldwide, beating number one Toyota, which came in at 801,614 for the same period.

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