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Latest news
Latest news

Tesla stuns with loss report photo by: E. Brown
Tesla posted a surprise loss this week and missed delivery expectations, disappointing investors of a stock that has lost a quarter of its value since last September.

Honda ranks best in value
U.S. News & World Report, a recognized consumer advice firm, has named the 2015 Accord the Best Car for the Money using a 21 point automotive categorie rating that provides the best combination of quality and value.

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Driverless cars could be bad for biz
Initial thoughts were autonomous cars could be a dream come true for automakers seeking more profits, but a study says they could reduce car ownership by cutting down on the number of cars needed per household.

U.S. heading toward traffic crisis
America's laxed way of dealing with an aging transit infrastructure, from roads, to bridges to ports, has resulted is a system in desperate need of attention, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Toyota pays another "runaway" lawsuit
A federal jury has decided Toyota must pay about $11 million to victims of a fatal 2006 crash after deciding that a design flaw in the 1996 Camry was partly to blame for the Minnesota wreck.

Consumers ready for driverless cars
For decades, carmakers and science fiction geeks have dreamed of driverless cars, and advances in tech have put companies like Google closer than ever to achieving a commercially available autonomous car.

New airbag recall for 2.1M vehicles
Airbag issues for automakers worldwide continue as federal regulators said three big car manufacturers will recall about 2.1 million older vehicles to fix defects that could cause airbags to deploy accidentally.

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