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Latest news
Latest news

Obama brags about auto comeback
It's been 5 years since U.S. taxpayers put GM and Chrysler on life support, and an argument could made that Barack Obama deserved his brag rights in Motown whilst he touted the domestic industry’s recovery.

Toyota gives fuel cell tech to competition
Following Tesla's lead of sharing it's EV secrets, Toyota has released thousands of patents regarding their knowledge of fuel cell vehicles in an effort to bring the fledgling market closer toward mainstream acceptance.

Bottom still falling out of the barrel
Oil prices slumped to new 5-1/2-year lows on Monday on worries about a surplus of global supplies and lackluster demand.

December ends sales year on high note photo by: Mike Torch
A final total of car sales stats by shows Detroit's automakers December sales decidedly higher than December 2013, with GM bosting a market-leading share of 17.3%, up from 16.9% a year ago.

Hyundai boosts growth of chips
Hyundai Motor, Korea's top automaker, is investing more into in-vehicle semiconductors as a new order prevails in the global automotive industry amid industries' convergence.

Rebound raises population of MI photo by: E. Brown
After years of declining population, industrial Michigan finally seems to be on track toward growth again, and it can be directly correlated to the rebirth of Motown's auto industry, the state’s demographer says.

Tesla Roadster making comeback photo by: E. Brown
Tesla Motors will relaunch its Roadster model with a fresh battery pack, increasing the distance the sports car can travel on a single charge to more than 400 miles.

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