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1932 MG Midget: 'Real Roadster' Words by: Mike Torch    

Although MG's recent rise from the ashes (thanks to the Chinese company Shainghai Automotive) hasn't exactly set the car world on fire, it makes no nevermind to the myriad owners and fans of these cars bearing the legendary octagonal badge.

Established in 1913 as The Morris Garages, the company name quickly became synonymous with cars that were simple, inexpensive and probably most important of all - fun to drive.

More than eight decades have passed since the first of the 1.5 million MGs built has hit the pavement, when we (myself and clicker E. Brown) find oursleves perusing what must certainly be one of the largest British car shows in the Midwest - The British Car Field Day in Lannon, Wisconsin.

Our eyes are darting all over the board as we walk through the low-cut grass fields that showcase the cars. Trying to spot favorites among the 300 or so vintage Jaguars, Aston Martins, Austin Healeys, Triumphs, Minis and many more, we suddenly stumble across the show-stopping 1932 MG Midget J2. This, fellow car afficionados, is a real roadster.

Jaw-dropped, we spend a few moments trying to locate its owner, but John Morris is no where to be found. A few days later, when we contact him by phone, he seems elated that his humble MG has stood out in the crowd.

"The car probably should be gone over again prior to taking pictures for a magazine article," remarks Morris. PLEASE. We assure him that his classic Midget would look stunning from any angle even after a full day of flogging it through the outback of this car's home in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Two weeks later we catch up on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. A drive through the countryside is in order. With John Morris driving and his son Matt riding shotgun in this Midget J2, we follow fastidously behind them down some little-used farm roads.

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