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Wintry roads can't stop the Forester Words by: Mike Torch    

People visiting Milwaukee during the winter often ask a simple question: "Why on earth do you crazy people live here?" Growing up in these northernly parts of the U.S., you quickly learn that significant snowfall can arrive as early as November and sometimes make its last stand as late as April.

Drive a few hours north of Brew City to Green Bay and people from Milwaukee ask that same question of the residents of these parts. It gets significantly colder here than it does in Milwaukee.

While there is no reasonable answer to this question, a common solution to the problem is to embrace the season. As opposed to holing up for the entire winter, we tend to find outdoor activities that make Wisconsin winters fun: skiing, sledding, snowmobiling and indeed, winter driving.

Come November, the steel wheel-snow tire kits are removed from the remote corner of the garage and installed with conviction.

Because of their standard all-wheel drive, Subarus have become a natural choice. Surely it's the reason these cars are now commonplace on the Badger states' roads.

So it's no suprise that the Subaru Forester that we're driving from Milwaukee to Green Bay proved to be the perfect choice for a February trip.

The Subaru Forester, a successful small SUV/wagon since 1998, was redesigned back in 2009.

This generation is larger and similar to other car-based compact SUVs out there, including the Toyota Venza and Mazda CX-7. The Forester has seating for five people and comes equipped as standard Subaru's tried and tested all-wheel drive.

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