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Hyundai Genesis: coupe's conundrum

With over 300 horses constantly begging to be set free and a six-speed manual transmission obediently 'lying in wait' for your every move, the list of potential competitors that can dismissed on the road with pull-away power alone will have a tendency to make you grin from ear-to-ear. Use this power wisely by optimizing shift points (both up and down) and you will quickly find that this car is as capable as any front-engined / rear-wheel-drive set-up out there in this price range.

When addressing progressive cornering, make full use of the razor sharp turn-in. Back it up with just a touch of late brake and a full throttle out on the other side and you will have discovered one of this car's many dark secrets.

As mentioned, the brakes are fully functional from the 'get-go'. Allow them to properly warm through and they will reward even more. Late braking is almost as entertaining as fast cornering and all-out throttle blasts, and once you get started you will probably keep coming back for more.

We could go on from here but by using your imagination you can guess what else lies in store for potential drivers of this sublime sports car.

It's a simple set-up-- making due without more horsepower, without pricier brakes and suspension components, and without all the advanced electronic controls found in other, more expensive cars in this category. We would argue that the Genesis coupe is better for it. It's certainly priced accordingly.

What you get here is a very undiluted sports car driving experience. One that rewards through ease rather than one that gains through more complex technologies. That just might be at the heart of this car's puzzle.

With enough power and ability on tap, but set right at the acceptable limit, this car does more with less. And that's a refreshing change. It's also one that we feel the sports car world could stand to see more of.

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