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First drive - Lexus CT 200h

Remember back to child hood and busting out your remote control car? Seriously, that RC car burning 4 AAA batteries and a 9 V in your remote control was the coolest thing doing donuts and running pure crazy eights. This car handles like that childhood RC-Car-easy to chuck through corners.

I personally took it around a smaller sized cul-de-sac to test its turning radius. It passed with merry-go-round dizziness. Then I tried doing a Y-turn on a one way road, and again, with my minimal skills, it was easy.

Next, I tried parallel parking for city drivers and it worked perfect on my first try. Lastly, taking it at top speeds of 80mph on the freeway, I was able to switch lanes without the worrisome felling of a wheel falling off or a wasted focus on overcompensation of the steering wheel to correct any speed wobbles.

Attention to details such as low center of gravity, torsional rigidity, performance dampers that focus on lateral stability (Lexus' first ever), MacPherson Strut Suspension in the front, rear lightweight double-wishbone suspension, and vehicle-speed sensing Electric Power Steering all contribute to a comfortable and controlable ride.

Many times in life you may feel that you only need three choices. What would you do with four? The four drive modes are all purposeful and and after driving the car would you will feel short-changed if you only had three. By simply turning a very convenient knob that is centered in your counsel or by pushing it in, one is able to switch between the car's four driving modes.

Pressing the turn dial in initiates the Normal mode while optimizing the ideal balance of power, emissions, and drivability. With a slight turn to the left you engage the ECO mode or economy mode. ECO is the best for fuel efficient and lower emissions.

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