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First drive - Lexus CT 200h

The hybrid system indicator ,which is the needle on the left of your speedometer will show you that you are driving within three intentions. The power switch is the upper part of the scale, eco is thr middle of the needle, and charge is the lower third that engages coasting. In normal and eco modes, the dash back drop will be lit, and a haze of blue representing serenity will dim your dashboard including your mode knob.

Sport mode is drastically expressed for your speed demand. A turn of the mode knob to the right will engage the sport mode. All aspects of the car will change in this mode. The steering column gets tighter and the pleasant reminder of ECO-blue will change to speed-bleeding red with the needle now representing a tachometer showing RPMs. The PCU (power control unit), traction control system helps suppress under steer, and the electric power steering stiffens to a race-car feel. All of those elements are computer synched to provide sportier driving dynamics and feel. An example of the PCU being put to work is exemplified entering a turn.

The PCU will keep the engine reving high in order to enhance engine braking effectiveness, and helping to stabilize the vehicle's balance prior to entering the corner. During the mid-corner and exit, the PCU will keep the engine at a high speed to ensure sufficient acceleration when the driver depresses the gas pedal. Bottom line in the sport mode is that this hybrid is the most dynamic and fun hybrid out there to date.

Not to spoil the fun, but it's not pure muscle even in sport, but never the less; there isn't a hybrid out there that can outperform this car.

Pressing the stand alone EV (Electric Vehicle) button allows for 100% electric powered movement. ZERO emissions and 100% green. Powered by a 28 Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery that produces 9.6 volts DC by 1.2 volts x 6 cells with a Pack peak output of 36 hp. This produces enough battery to outlast that pink bunny. Lexus guarantees 10 years and 150,000 miles.

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