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Corolla continues to move millions words & pictures by Mike Torch    

To say Toyota's Corolla is a popular car is a bit of an understatement. The numbers speak for themselves. The 2014 model is the eleventh generation car in a history reaching back to the mid-60s. Over the years, the diminutive ride has been manufactured in sixteen different countries and sold in 154. Retail numbers come in at more than 40 million cars sold worldwide- 28 million of which were delivered here in the US.

Envious figures like these are enough to send any competing automaker reeling. Putting this into perspective, Volkswagen's original Beetle, arguably the next in line to get a swing at this particular title, topped out at around half the Corolla's total production number. Honda's omnipresent Civic is currently under 10 million sold. The reality is, for decades now, the Corolla has proved to be a bonafide world-beater.

With this enormous ubiquity comes the fact it would be hard to name a more important car on the global automotive front. While headline news stories and excitable auto enthusiasts everywhere will probably slight the Corolla for more overtly dynamic vehicles that get the blood pumping, in all actuality anyway, this is the workaday car the vast majority of automakers across the globe will be looking at when they are engineering and marketing their own mass-produced and top-selling single models that have the biggest impact on the company's profitability.

The new 2014 Toyota Corolla is available now in the US. There are four models from which to choose. The entry level Corolla L starts at $17,400, followed by the LE at $19,400, the LE Eco at $20,100, and the S at $20,400.

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