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Durango reaches higher plateau words by: Mike Torch    

An argument could be made that breathing new life into an automaker's older models has now become less expensive. With most all the available gadgets now being essentially plug-ins capable of being installed across entire lineups, combined with new and inexpensive manufacturing methods for stamped metal body parts and injection-molded plastics bits, economies of scale are in full swing.

Overall savings are furthered by myriad out-sourced parts of all types being produced by outside venders which continue to be price-squeezed since the 2008 automaker industry meltdown.

In reality, it's now a cinch for carmakers to update almost every model on the cheap.

Coincidently, since the new Durango is being built on the current Jeep's latest platform will save costs too, so now even its new chassis, as well as other body-related items are less expensive to pump out given the numbers being built in even larger numbers via mass production.

Though not all of these production trickeries are exactly news, let alone ingenious innovations, since they are ploys that have been around for decades, now they are paying bigger dividends than ever by the increasing production numbers due to the auto industry's move toward worldwide markets.

But sadly, the exceptional non-benefactors are the out-sourced parts makers who continue to find it difficult to turn profits.

New Dodge Durango and its buyers have benefited immensely from all stated above, and the terrific news is that almost all of the latest Durango has been improved greatly, both in looks, safety and tech features without staggering price increases.

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