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Lexus creates cool crossover Words by: Mike Torch    

In the very rapidly growing market for smallish crossovers, Lexus has promised its entrant, the new NX, will show up at their dealerships by year's end. Official pricing and MPG figures have yet to be released for the ride, which will be sold in 80 markets around the world. The Japanese company expects to initially sell around 3,000 a month here in the U.S., and is aiming the new utility vehicle at younger buyers (those in their 30's and 40's).

If after taking a slow, contemplative stroll around the new NX, then peeking inside (preferably at a F Sport with black or Rioja Red NuLuxe guts, or one equipped with the luxury package that includes the new Crème interior option), and afterwards stepping back and looking at the posh, intricate lights, the un-before seen style of door handles, the crossover's asymmetrical side mirrors, it's pricey wheels, and the mass-production-defying nose cone, and remaining unimpressed, cars probably simply aren't your thing. Pardon the vulgarity, but after our initial glance-over we were left drooling, and thinking every hipster across the land now has an additional dream car.

Like many of the latest vehicles being put out by the luxury carmaker, this car is in many ways artwork. It is remarkably stunning in person, and those left underwhelmed are better off sticking to things like stamp collecting or bird-watching. Do we sound jaded? That's because when a vehicle as thoughtful and brilliant as this one hits the road without across the board legitimate and well-deserved praise, we are.

It will certainly give competitors like the Audi Q5, the BMW X3, and the Lincoln MKC a run for their money.

In the relatively new yet vastly-expanding offerings of small crossovers from automakers the world over, Lexus seems as intent as ever to lead the pack with its 2016 NX lineup. Though all of the pre-production models we drove warned, via clear signage on the passenger's sun visor, these were not the final product, it was perfectly impossible to find a single shortcoming without the firm spending something like 'half a Lexus LFA-money' to move the NX even a bit more upscale.

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